Reasons Nigerian Youths Must Support Entrepreneurship.


Success is the sum of all effort, repeated day-in and day-out -Robert Collier

The recent economic downfall in Nigeria has led to a lot of discomforts and laments amongst many Nigerians especially the youths and more coming from the fresh University and NYSC graduates to be precise. These therefore leaves me with no doubt for the reason behind the saying things are so tight”, as popularly said by many. In this post, I will be opening your understanding to why you must support entrepreneurship with all of your might.
I will be glad if, at the end of this article, you can discover that inner passion which you can monetise and develop beyond passion.

I observe many graduates pass through the university because they want to secure for themselves a white collar job which is not readily available. You search through everywhere hoping you could find a lost job (mind: a lost job. No job is lost and no job can be found except you create one for yourself or build, leverage on and develop an existing one) which is not lost. To actually find a white collar job, you have to create one for yourself. For example, I am Komaya Adedayo Michael and I breed dogs. Has anybody ever asked why I breed dogs, because I love them and can go any length for them just to make sure they are happy and in good mood, form and shape. I do what gives me joy and happiness. Not only do I breed dogs, I love anything called pets.
More so, I love anything that brings in money but we have to consider the fact that money is not easily made; and money made through sweats is always spent with peace and joy.

Just to make things brief and constraint myself to the purpose of this post, let me delve in to why youths needs to support and develop personal business.
This is going to be in a list form just to make save more time reading long posts.
1. I helps you build and develop your passion.
2. It creates a platform for self improvement and dedication.
3. It saves you the stress of staying bored and job search.
4. It creates employment opportunities for others.
5. It contributes to the economic development of the nation.
6. It alleviate poverty and unemployment.
7. It reduces thuggery act in the community by creating responsibilities for people.
8. It gives you more income than you can expect from a white collar job. Let me she’d more light on this part. You might be thinking that how will I make more money from entrepreneurship when compared to white collar job for a company. Now let’s do the analysis… If you are to start your business, do the rough estimate of the total start-up amount and do calculations on your income using the traffic in your area, market target, average sale, average produce and the likes on a daily basis; you are going to be surprise how much you will be taking in.
Let say, for instance you are into dog breeding business (remember breeding only) and you have just three breeds of dog (Rottweiler, German Shepherd Dog aka Alsatians and Boerboel) and you have the two sexes that are of high standards. Having a pedigree DOS alone have market your produce for you. Now let’s continue: your bitches gives birth just twice in a year and they all give birth to an average of seven (7) pups each and you sold them all off. Now let’s do the calculations.
GSD: 1 pup cost #25k on average. (#25k*7)*2=(#175k)*2=#350k……………..
Rottweiler: 1 pup cost #60k on average. (#60k*7)*2=(#420k)*2=#840k…………….
Boerboel: 1 pup costs #90k on an average. (#90k*7)*2=(#630k)*2=#1,260k…………..
Now when you have #350,000 + #840,000 + #1,260,000 = #2,450,000 in a year, what is your equals in a year earning working on the minimum wage. Let’s say #40,000*12=#480,000. Now the difference is #1,970,000.
You say what of the feeding and other things needed to be put in place forgetting the fact that you can’t spend a million on that thing whatsoever called miscellaneous. Let that white collar job guy tells you how much he spent on transportation, feeding clothes and the likes, then you will see the difference. (Just apply the technique above to whatever you want to do be it farming, technical jobs like welding, furniture design, glass and aluminium works, building, estate management, horticulture, transportation, printing jobs, etc)
9. It gives you the freedom to do whatever you want and at a pre-planned time.
10. It makes you have your connection and network you needed; and makes you a champ and well respected in your field (or area of scope of business).

Now can you tell me why you still don’t want to build entrepreneurship. Someone out there will still ask if everyone is to create, who will patronise? But remember not everyone can create. Some are created to help develop. You just have to see that and know you can’t have it all done by yourself. Give space for developments. Let’s encourage growth.

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