What Is Your Brain Good At? Find Out In 3 Minutes!


Do you know what your brain is good at? Try the quiz below and find out what type of brain you have!

What Is Your Brain Good At?

Simple questions to find out what your brain is good at.

  1. Question 1 of 7

    1. You believe that children should…

    • Be raised according to a specific parenting philosophy.
    • Be surrounded by stories and music.
    • Be outside as much as possible to feel the fresh air.

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  2. Question 2 of 7

    2. What do you think is the best way to get to know a new romantic interest?

    • Quietly observing the person’s behaviors in different occasions.
    • Going out to a club to dance to the music together.
    • Having a nice long chat over dinner.

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  3. Question 3 of 7

    3. What do you wear when you get dressed in the morning?

    • You wear the most comfortable clothes.
    • You wear clothes that others think look good on you.
    • You wear whatever’s handy in the wardrobe.

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  4. Question 4 of 7

    4. What distracts you easily?

    • Loud or irritating noises
    • Movements seen out of the corner of your eyes.
    • Whispered conversations

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  5. Question 5 of 7

    5. How do you like to relax?

    • Solving a puzzle
    • Listening to music
    • Reading a novel

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  6. Question 6 of 7

    6. When you feel bad about something, what do you do?

    • Talk with your best friend.
    • Carefully consider the problem from all angles.
    • Distract yourself by doing what you enjoy.

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  7. Question 7 of 7

    7. What do you usually do when you go about your day?

    • You stop to chat with other people as much as possible.
    • You often find yourself humming or fidgeting.
    • You’re constantly pondering a seemingly unsolvable problem.

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