Motivation doesn’t last. Luckily, we can refuel ourselves
by using some simple solutions.
For Jennifer Lopez, “I always joke about letting the
haters motivate you. Everybody has that in their life,
people who doubt them or make them feel less than they
are.” Indeed, haters and naysayers do help. Besides that,
check out the following hacks that you can apply easily
to your life.
1. Get enough sleep. Nothing works if you feel lethargic.
Energize yourself with a 10 to 20 minutes nap.
2. Have positive self-talk in the morning. Look into the
mirror and say, “I’m awesome and I can do it!” Repeat
five times and you’ll feel powerful.
3. Use quotes to ignite your fire. Paste them on the wall,
save as your devices wallpapers or read them to yourself
every day.
4. Visualize using a vision board. Looking at the photos
that portray your goal is way better than just using your
5. Get some music to rock your body and soul.
Regardless it’s the classic “We are the champions” or
the current “Happy”, seek strength from the lyrics, sing,
6. Take a shower or citrus bath soak. Refreshed body
and mind are ready for any challenges.
7. Feel regret now. Imagine that today is your last day
and you’ve never done the things that you wanted to do.
Remember the pain. Then get back to reality and start
doing them.
8. Set milestones so you have a clear, doable action
plan with deadlines. Be flexible but not to delay as you
9. Work with motivational apps like GoalTracker, Lift or
LifeTick. You can set your goals, add tasks and check
your progress so you will keep on track.
10. Break project into smaller chunks. Handle them just
like how you eat an elephant – one bite at a time.
11. Create a nice and tidy working space. Clean your
desk, decorate with small plants, get some fun
stationery or stick an inspiring poster. Spice it up!
12. Tell everyone about your goal . Your family and
friends will support you, and your rivals will keep an eye
on you. All of them fire you up to keep going.
13. Use unpleasant consequences as motivation force.
For example, if you’re afraid of failing in exams again
and being look down by others, use that to push
yourself to study hard.
14. Buy expensive but useful tools. For example, invest
in a professional camera even if you are a beginner. The
high price reminds you not to give up easily.
15. Change venue once in a while. Let’s say if you are a
freelance writer, try working in a park or cafe instead of
your room. It sparks your creativity.
16. Find friends with similar goal. Strive together, help
and support each other. Team spirit helps everyone goes
17. Join competition . The prize excites you and you’ll
train yourself harder for the battle.
18. Treat yourself with small pleasures like an ice-cream
for completing small tasks. Not to forget to reward
yourself generously when you accomplish a long-term
19. Read books, not just to deepen your knowledge, but
to strengthen your resolve. Learn how others stand up
from failures and keep your fighting spirit alive.
20. Follow a role model. Be a serious student to learn
and apply his or her strategies. Remember that your
‘teacher’ won’t be happy if you are lazy.
21. Watch TED Talks. Just like good cups of coffee, they
give you a great boost of motivation to start your day.
22. Keep record of your victories. They are like magic
pills that pick you up and empower you to continue your
23. Help people with your talent, skills or experiences.
Your contributions not only make a difference in the
lives of others, but also reaffirm your capabilities and
build your confidence to carry on.
24. Give yourself a break. Take a stroll, gather with
friends or go vacation. Reboot yourself and come back
25. Change plan when you are stuck. Sometimes you
don’t need more motivation, you need to review and
change the things that don’t work anymore. New
approach can enliven you.
26. Participate in workshops or seminars. You acquire
new knowledge, skills and like-minded friends.
27. Do what you love and make yourself happy. Without
good mood, you will lack of energy and enthusiasm to
do anything. Put your happiness first.
28. Focus on today. If you’re overwhelmed because there
is still a long way to succeed, relax. Look how far you’ve
come. Excel each day and success will take care of
29. Stop worrying about “what-ifs”. Don’t strive for
perfections. Just do your best and enjoy the journey.
30. Accept failures as hints for success. Their purpose is
not to destroy you, but to guide you to the correct path.
Learn from them and begin again


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