7 Truths of Life

Seven Truths of Life: 1st Don’t let someone become a priority in your life, when you are just an option in their life. Relationships work best when they are balanced… 2nd Never explain yourself to anyone. Because the person who likes you doesn’t need it and the person who doesn’t like you won’t believe it… … More 7 Truths of Life


I was just playing with my Innjoo Note with my data on when a friend sent me this message and I felt like sharing it with you to learn from. Here is the storyline and the lessons. “`The queue to the ATM machine was something else because we all wanted to withdraw money. Although there … More WHAT IF IT WORKS?

Reasons Nigerian Youths Must Support Entrepreneurship.

Success is the sum of all effort, repeated day-in and day-out -Robert Collier The recent economic downfall in Nigeria has led to a lot of discomforts and laments amongst many Nigerians especially the youths and more coming from the fresh University and NYSC graduates to be precise. These therefore leaves me with no doubt for … More Reasons Nigerian Youths Must Support Entrepreneurship.